Some Factors Just Are not Funny

Posted by Mamas_Wae On Thursday, August 21, 2014 0 comments
Not everybody believes the same things are all crazy. I get that. But when it comes to relaxing and being disparaging about illness, I get upset.

Yesterday, a near buddy published on Facebook or myspace that she was expecting. Really? I had just verbal to her the day before and nothing was described. So I known as her, and she giggled, saying it was just a scam, and this was an attention strategy for breasts cancers -- known as the Breast Melanoma Awareness Activity. Huh? Since when was breasts cancers a sport and secondarily how would "punking" individuals -- strongly relaxing -- be recommended by the various categories that increase cash for breasts cancer?

As it changes out, this whole factor about this being aspect of an attention strategy for breasts cancers was a scam, yet individuals all over Facebook or myspace are apparently adopting it, placing can be found about themselves on their position upgrade, because they a) may truly believe this is about attention, and b) because they think it's crazy. And if you like or opinion on someone's lie, you are expected to publish a lie about you on your FB web page as well. Ha, ha?

Since when have we become a community that trivializes an often international airport illness? Since when do we just agree to that because it's online, it must be obviously true? Since when do we believe that relaxing is funny? Since when do we believe that getting individuals to believe our can be found and provide their genuine issue or best wishes is funny?

Today, I study a tale in the document about marketing that is currently on the transportation program. It is about a new fad (which I don't get personally) about getting yourself kept in a space, and having to discover your way out. One of the "escapes" is to discover your way out of a psychological keep. Insensitive? No joking. Psychological sickness, just like breasts cancers, is not something to be created mild of. This 7 days we missing Robin the boy wonder Williams to destruction due to depressive disorders. I know that most of us know someone who has or is affected by some way of mental sickness. It is not crazy. It is not something to be trivialized. How can someone even for one time have believed "Isn't this a awesome thing? Being closed up in a psychological keep -- ya, let's have some fun with this."

I really like to have a excellent laugh. I appreciate a excellent have a excellent laugh as much as the next individual. I really like the brilliant humor of companies Henry Carlin, Robin the boy wonder Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, and David Cleese. This humor is a representation on some of the idiosyncrasies of our community. It is not intended to damage or damage or make fun of any illness or situation that might outcome in someone's loss of life.

Open your sight, individuals. Indicate on what it real humor. True humor is not depending on someone else's struggling and discomfort, and certainly not by relaxing.


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