Are You Dependent to the Past?

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I could see instantly, in the third Skype period I was having with Vicky, that she was sensation very sad.

"Vicky, what are you so sad about?"

"Since I've been studying Inner Connection, I keep looking returning and sensation so sad about many of the options I've created in my lifestyle. I have so many remorse."

"Vicky, I'd like you to take in in and shift into an purpose to understand with the injured aspect of you who wants to pay attention to previous times. There must be reasonable for concentrating on your remorse right now. See if you can track into what emotions your injured self is preventing by concentrating on previous times."

"I don't comprehend. I'm sensation sad, and I'm not preventing that sensation."

"Right. But you are sensation sad because you are evaluating yourself for your previous options. Judging yourself is a way of management, which says to me that you might be trying to management some present agonizing emotions. What's currently occurring in your lifestyle that might be making you experience some solitude or misery or vulnerability over someone or a situation?"

"Well, I'm having a really difficult time with my little girl. She's doing poorly in university and is clinging out with children who do medication. I know she is testing with medication, but she won't discuss with me about it. I'm very concerned about her and I experience so hopeless to help her. She does not want my help. And I think it's my mistake that she is doing this because I was not always there for her when she was young and I was quite managing with her. I think she is upset with me now and is rebelling. That's why I'm sensation sad about previous times."

"Does your injured self believe that if you assess yourself for previous times you can somehow modify it?"

"I think I believe that if I assess myself for my errors, then I won't create them again."

"Has that ever proved helpful for you?"

"Hummm... no. I just end up sensation poorly."

"Vicky, please put your arms on your center and get existing with your misery and vulnerability over the scenario with your little girl. Encourage in the really like and sympathy of Soul to be with you with these agonizing emotions. Let your inner kid know that she is not alone right now - that you are here and Soul is here. Be very soothing and type with yourself."

Vicki does this.

"Keep doing this until you experience prepared to launch these emotions. Then launch them to Soul and ask for serenity and approval to substitute them."

Vicki remains existing with the emotions for about five moments and then informs me she is prepared to launch them.

"Now, ask your Assistance what would be adoring to you in this scenario with your little girl."

"My Assistance is informing me that my shame over previous times and my worry of her not adoring me is resulting in me big issues in my being a parent. I've study a ton of guides and I've obtained a lot of help from a kid psycho therapist I've verbal with, but I have not been able to apply anything."

"Right. Provided that you are trying to management how she seems about you, you will not be able to take activity on what is adoring to you and to her. Are you willing to let go of how she seems about you?"

"That's difficult for me. But I can see that I have to. I can see that she is using my worry to management me and has missing all regard for me."

"Right. Until you begin to be a aspect design for getting adoring proper excellent care of yourself, she will likely keep act out. Once you are targeted on looking after yourself, then you will be in a place to act on what you know to do for her. Moreover to the guides and the kid psycho therapist, your Assistance likely has much to tell you, but you need to let go of ruminating about previous times and concentrate on looking after your emotions now.

"The very best factor you can do for your little girl is to aspect design individual liability for your own emotions. Once you are adoring you, then you will have the durability you need to take the adoring activities you need to take."


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